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*企業業績発表記事からの因果関係抽出 [#h9b5c783]

**著者 [#m00ae94d]
坂地泰紀, 酒井浩之 (成蹊大学), 増山繁 (豊橋技術科学大学)

**概要 [#ve6b13b4]
This paper proposes a method that extracts causal knowledge from Japanese financial articles concerning business performance of companies via clue expressions. Our method decides whether a sentence includes causal knowledge or not when the method extracts it. For example, a sentence fragment “World economy recession due to the subprime loan crisis ...” contains causal knowledge in which “World economy recession” is an effect phrase and “the subprime loan crisis” is its cause phrase. These relations are found by clue phrases,such as “ため (tame: because)” and “により (niyori: due to)”. We found that some specific syntactic patterns are useful to improve accuracy of extracting causal knowledge. Therefore, our method can extract causal knowledge accurately.

**論文 [#n85d0091]

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