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*エージェントプログラミングモデルのトレーディングシステムへ の適用からの考察 [#x8f5b512]
*エージェントプログラミングモデルのトレーディングシステムへの適用からの考察 [#x8f5b512]

**著者 [#t95fc812]
山本 学 (日本IBM)

**概要 [#n953f715]
Agent programming models such as distributed multiagent models and mobile agent models have been proposed. We have proposed an agent programming model for business applica- tions since 2000 and applied to auction systems, a financial trading system, and others applications. Through those applications we obtained the knowledge that the programming model is efficient on developing applications. Especially, it is very efficient for scale out applications. In this paper, we discuss about the efficiency by referring a trading system developed on top of the model.

**論文 [#c9009aa5]
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