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*Bank Run Modeling and Deposit Withdrawal Estimation for Financial Crises [#cc0ad530]

**著者 [#q339640b]
-Katsutoshi Yada (Kansai University)
-Takashi Washio (Osaka University)
-Yasuharu Ukai (Kansai University)
-Hisao Nagaoka (Kansai University)

**概要 [#n1c30ef9]
The objective of this research is to build a model for bank runs by deposit holders in financial crises, and use that model to present a framework for estimating the amounts of deposit withdrawals during financial crises.

**発表 [#x36956d2]
16:05-16:30 セッション 4: 市場分析, データ・マイニング

**原稿 [#x1ef0b57]

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